Backpack to Store Brompton

Folding bike Brompton is ideal bike to bring to trains. But I feel it’s a bit heavy to hold with my hand.

I found a backpack that can store Brompton so I tried using it. It’s a backpack for Brompton made by CARRADICE, manufacturer of bike bags in UK.

We can open the backpack widely to store Brompton easily.

We can take the backpack on our back like this. I feel just a little heavy backpack on my back.

To move by Brompton, we can put the backpack to the saddle. It’s a bit big for durable fabric.

Storing Bike Trailer in Large Bag

If we store a bike trailer in a large bag, we can handle it easily while it is detached from the bike.

I use a bike trailer to attach folding bike Brompton and I store them in my room. My room is at upper floor of an apartment and I can’t take an elevator with them attached.

I started storing my bike trailer in a bag. A tote bag made by DAISON DE UN MAILLOT (width 72cm, height 53cm, depth 28cm, capacity 100L) fits my trailer, MULTI-USE CYCLE TRAILER DCP434-DP made by DOPPELGANGER.

Bicycle mirror on Brompton

I tried fixing mirror to folding bike Brompton.

This is “Cycle Start 901/3” made by Busch+Müller. I cut the right side of handle grip and set the mirror on it.

The size of the mirror is small (6cm in diameter) so it is not easy to see. But it’s convenient to check backward frequently.