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From Toyama for Kanazawa

way frequency time last run ticket cost note
Hokuriku Shinkansen (green car) 2-3 runs every 1 hour 18-23 min 23:37 normail ticket 3,910JPY for one way
Hokuriku Shinkansen (reserved seat) 2-3 runs every 1 hour 18-23 min 23:37 normal ticket 3,190JPY-3,590JPY for one way fares are vary depending on the season
Hokuriku Shinkansen (non-reserved seat) 2 runs every 1 hour 23 min 23:37 normal ticket 2,860JPY for one way
discount ticket "Kanazawa Jiyuseki Ofuku Kippu" 1,835JPY for one way (purchase 3,670JPY ticket for round trip) purchase is required by the day before. valid for 1 day
Local train of Ainokaze Toyama Railway and Ishikawa Railway 1-2 runs every 1 hour 56-65 min 23:00 normal ticket 1,240JPY for one way ICOCA/suica available
1-day pass for Ainokaze Toyama Railway and Ishikawa Railway "Ainokaze IR Ichinichi Free Kippu" 1,000JPY for one way (purchase 2,000JPY 1-day pass) valid on Saturday, Sunday. purchase is required by the day before. valid for 1 day
Ainokaze Liner morning and evening on weekday 43-46 min 20:20 normal ticket + liner ticket 1,540JPY for one way can purchase liner ticket on train
Highway bus 1 run every 1 hour 60-65 min 21:20 normal fare 1,100JPY for one way pay by cash on bus
10 tickets 1,000JPY for one way (purchase 10,000JPY 10 tickets)

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train)

Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train) is the fastest. JR West operates trains named "Kagayaki", "Hakutaka", "Tsurugi", 2 or 3 runs every 1 hour. All "Kagayaki" seats are reverved seats, so you have to buy seat-reservation ticket (expensive compare to no-seat-reservation ticket.) "Hakutaka", "Tsurugi", have both reserved seats and non-reserved seats.

It takes 19 minutes by "Kagayaki", and 23 minutes by "Hakutaka" or "Tsurugi". Departure time of Last train from Kanazawa station is 23:37, the latest departure compare to other ways.

It costs 3,910JPY for green car, 3,190JPY-3,590JPY for reserved seat on ordinary car (depending on the season), 2,860JPY non-reserved seat ("Hakutaka", "Tsurugi"). If you purchase ticket by the day before, discount ticket "Kanazawa Jiyuseki Ofuku Kippu (金沢自由席往復きっぷ)" is available and it costs 3,670JPY for round trip (1,835JPY for one way, valid for 1 day.)

Local train of Ainokaze Toyama Railway + Ishikawa Railway

Most popular way is local train directly connects Ainokaze Toyama Railway Toyama station and Ishikawa Railway Kanazawa station.

They operates 1 or 2 runs every 1 hour, and it takes 56-65 minutes. Last train departes 23:00 from Kanazawa station.

It costs 1,240JPY for one way. IC card "ICOCA", "suica" are available. If you purchase 1-day pass "Ainokaze IR Ichinichi Free Kippu (あいの風・IR 1日フリーきっぷ)", you can travel by 2,000JPY for round trip.

Ainokaze Liner

Ainokaze Toyama Railway and Ishikawa Railway operate "Ainokaze Liner", rapid train passes some stations, all seats are reserved seats, morning and evening on weekday. You have to purchase "Liner ticket" at stations or on the train.

We have 1 run for Kanazawa station in the morning, 1 run for Kanazawa station on the evening, 3 runs for Toyama station (final destination is Tomari station) on the evening. It takes 43-46 minutes.

It costs 1,540JPY for one way (1,240JPY for normal ticket, 300JPY for liner ticket.)

Highway bus

Toyama Chiho Railway and Hokuriku Railway operate highway bus between Toyama and Kanazawa. We can use power outlet on the seat.

They operate 1 run every 1 hour. It takes 60-65 minutes between Toyama station and Kanazawa station. Final departure time is 21:20 from Kanazawa station.

By this highway bus, we can directly get Kanazawa inner city bus stop such as "Musashigatsuji (Omicho-market)", "Korinbo", "Hirosaka (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)", "Kenrokuen-shita (Kenrokuen Garden)". This is convenient.

This is the cheapest way, 1,100JPY for one way.