New Isurugi Station

Ainokaze Toyama Railway Isurugi Station, Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, was renewed from November 27, 2018.

This is the new “North exit.”

The ticket gate on the 2nd floor.

We can enter the station from south side. Oyabe municipal bus began operating a part of bus of Tsuzawa Line, Shotoku Line, Kanda Line to south exit of the station on morning and evening. We can take taxi at the south exit of the station.

We can take Kaetsu Line of Kaetsuno Bus at the north exit of the station as before. “Isurugi-Ekinan” bus stop is 4min far from the south exit of the station.

Cafe and bench.

View point at the south side of the station.

Bicycle mirror on Brompton

I tried fixing mirror to folding bike Brompton.

This is “Cycle Start 901/3” made by Busch+Müller. I cut the right side of handle grip and set the mirror on it.

The size of the mirror is small (6cm in diameter) so it is not easy to see. But it’s convenient to check backward frequently.

Cafe and car-sharing at Kurobe station

New cafe and car-sharing point at Kurobe station, Ainokaze Toyama Railway.

We can see K-HALL, a new hall on the right from Kurobe station. Cafe “A-CAFE” and LAWSON are on the first floor.

K-HALL visitors can use parking lots for free on the back of the K-HALL. The other people can use the parking lots for a fee.

And car-sharing is available at this parking lots.

Buses below are available at Kurobe station everyday including weekend.

  • Bus “01 Shinkansen-Shigaichi Line” for “Kurobe-Unazuki-Onsen station”, Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Bus “03 Ikuji-Loop Line” for Ikuji area