Cafe and car-sharing at Kurobe station

New cafe and car-sharing point at Kurobe station, Ainokaze Toyama Railway.

We can see K-HALL, a new hall on the right from Kurobe station. Cafe “A-CAFE” and LAWSON are on the first floor.

K-HALL visitors can use parking lots for free on the back of the K-HALL. The other people can use the parking lots for a fee.

And car-sharing is available at this parking lots.

Buses below are available at Kurobe station everyday including weekend.

  • Bus “01 Shinkansen-Shigaichi Line” for “Kurobe-Unazuki-Onsen station”, Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Bus “03 Ikuji-Loop Line” for Ikuji area

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